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1-3 July 2010

Working Group Meeting in Debrecen

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12th October 2009

Note about the following persons

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6-7. of December 2007

EU Industry Day. Rome, Italy

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20-22. of June 2007

Workshop on the IHLET TRDP: A Cross-Border SDI Approach - "From Local to Global".

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20th January 2007

The TRDP Third Working Group Meeting

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November, 2000 – Szeged, Hungary
Szilléri sgt. 5.
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Invitation Card of the Founder Forum of the Regional Central-European Enviromental Technological Centre (RETC)
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Copy of Newspaper: Signing contract of cooperation between forty delegates of five countries.
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April, 2001 – Eger, Hungary
Theological College of Eger, Foglár u. 6.
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Five Countries Consultation on Educational and Employment Schemes for the Roma Minority in the Framework of the "Tisza River Development Programme" (TRDP)
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December, 2003 – Dun. Streda, Slovakia
Conference room of Carda Kondoros
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Initial Workshop of Strategic Planning Common Initiative for an SDI Driven Development of the Tisza Basin.
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Presentation of Ádám Podolcsák part 1.
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Presentation of Ádám Podolcsák part 2.
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Presentation of Max Craglia.
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June 4-6, 2004 – Kiev, Ukraine
Hotel Perlina Dnipra
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Multilateral Meeting - Common Initiative for an SDI Driven Development of the Tisza Basin
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Sustainable Development Tisza River Basin - Mr. Kálmán Mizsei, UNDP Regional Director, USA
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Opening - Mr. Oleg Melanchuk, Ukrainian Ecological League, Ukraine
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Introduction of the Common Initiative for an SDI Driven Development of the Tisza Basin Representative of the RETC and member of HUNAGI - Mr. Ádám Podolcsák, HUNAGI, Hungary
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Welcome Speech - Ms. Natalia Dniprenko, Ukrainian Prime Minister’s Office, Ukraine
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The Project of JRC Related to the Tisza River Basin - Ms. Katalin Bódis, EC JRC Institute for Environment Sustainability, Italy
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Role of Land Administration in SDI Projects - Mr. László Gombás, Central European Land Knowledge Center, Hungary
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Natural Gas installations in poor gypsy households - Mr. Corneliu Cepan, Romania
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The role of knowledge management of floods in the Bodrog River Basin - Mr. Ladislav Ambros, Director, Water Research Institute, Slovakia
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River Basin Management in Serbia - Mr. Dmitar Zakula, Director for Water Serbia-Montenegro
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Tourist Programme in Becse Reservoir - Mr. Zoran Suboticki Serbia-Montenegro
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Typical problems in the Kaniza Reservoir - Ms. Erzsebet Sivkovits, Serbia-Montenegro
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Function of civil organizations in the European Union - Mr. Miquel Mayol, Diputat Europeu, European Parliament, France
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Lessons of a cross border SDI, Project in North-Rhine Westfalia - Mr. Jens Riecken Surveying and Mapping Agency of NRW, Germany
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Summary of the conference - Mr. Béla Jarolics, Envicon Consulting Ltd., Founder of RETC, Hungary
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