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Working Group Meeting in Debrecen

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12th October 2009

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6-7. of December 2007

EU Industry Day. Rome, Italy

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20-22. of June 2007

Workshop on the IHLET TRDP: A Cross-Border SDI Approach - "From Local to Global".

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20th January 2007

The TRDP Third Working Group Meeting

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The Tisza River Development Program
First Working Group Meeting

4 Rue du Trone; 1000 Brussels, Belgium March 10, 2006

Notes on the Brussels workshop meeting of 10th March 2006

Present: All those shown on the list of attendance

Purpose of meeting:

Presentation of the program of IHLET, a non-profit organisation, to government delegates of countries concerned with the catchments area of Tisza River and to representatives of EU, FAO, WB and UNDP. Initiation of collective thinking and the development of cooperation aimed at treating the three main items outlined in the program, namely environmental protection, social issues and economic problems.

All participants agreed with the need for common action in all three topics. Following the introductory presentation all participants indicated their intention of cooperation with the establishment of a network of offices outlined; they intend to pay attention in setting the competence and role of various elements of the network and to take an active part in their development. The planners do not require either state or international support for establishing the network. However, once the network is in operation projects will be lodged through the normal processes of support application in ones or in groups or in cooperation, therefore the foundation framework by which governmental and international agencies judge the effectiveness of the self-maintaining character of operations is of the greatest significance. The establishment of infrastructure servicing the above mentioned three topics is to be supported by expert advice. This will help to fit various projects into the administrative, financial and legal framework of participating countries ensuring compatibility. In the interest of progress representatives of various ministries will if necessary be informed or drawn into the undertaking. Organisers have undertaken that all those concerned will be continuously informed throughout the common assignment either by emails or in smaller professional meetings. The outcome of professional views arrived in this way will be incorporated into the practical work. In the interest of effectiveness special attention will be paid to the specifications of local, regional, national and international tasks and the way they are built on one another, maximally protecting local interests.

Despite of its network character each office is an independent legal entity, therefore the definition of tasks at various levels always begins at the local level. Consequently in the first phase till 31st May 2006 the local tasks will be defined with the involvement of those concerned as listed above and concurrently with this the local office will be set up as an independent legal entity. Their creation should however follow the requirements of structural homogeneity for the network within the sphere of legal possibilities.

Following this during the coming summer until 31st August regional, national and international tasks will be collectively defined based on local tasks. In this respect the main objective is to fit in with programs already in preparation or in the execution phase or with programs of other organisations, as it is in the interest of all of us for sake of efficiency to circumvent duplication. It is in the interest of all those living in the catchments area of the Tisza River to deploy scarce financial, technical and human resources as efficiently as possible. The concrete projects discussed in the presentation can be easily adopted. A Havarian Fund should be created for the region within the geological borders of catchments area for implementing projects involving the winding up of settlements not satisfying social requirements that apply to all those in the same social position, but with special reference to improvements of the social position of people of Roma identity or projects aiming at improvements in common infrastructure. Strict, well disciplined professional control may lead to the successful fulfilment of such tasks. In this work it is important that all invited and concerned agencies and offices should freely express their professional opinions and give their expert support to successfully fulfil the common tasks.

All those who for technical reasons could not participate in the workshop meeting may acquire information from these notes and may at a future meeting join the work if they agree with the objectives.

Following local consultations to be held before 31st May regional, national and international meetings can be organised until the 31st of August 2006. This is the condition for the finalisation of a draft of the international charter attached to the invitation that could be signed by all participants at the end of October 2006 if they all agree.

P.s. It is with respect that I request all of you to make your opinions and suggestions available as soon as possible as promised in the interest of successfully carrying out this common work. We are attempting to return proposed amendments to you in a unified structure as soon as possible, so that every may posses the full text. We are grateful for your support and very positive suggestions up to date and await your opinions.

Felsőpakony, 22nd March 2006.

Yours cordially

Bela Jarolics