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1-3 July 2010

Working Group Meeting in Debrecen

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12th October 2009

Note about the following persons

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6-7. of December 2007

EU Industry Day. Rome, Italy

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20-22. of June 2007

Workshop on the IHLET TRDP: A Cross-Border SDI Approach - "From Local to Global".

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20th January 2007

The TRDP Third Working Group Meeting

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The Tisza River Development Program
First Working Group Meeting

4 Rue du Trone; 1000 Brussels, Belgium March 10, 2006

List of Participants

Ms. Judit Csoka

Head of Department, Hungarian Office for Territorial and Regional Development (Hungary)

Dr. Peter Gelleri

Director, Research Institute for Policy Support, Budapest Technical University (Hungary)

Mr. Adam Podolcsak

Hungarian Association of Geographic Information (HUNAGI) (Hungary)

Mark Pinter

Consultant, International Lawyer (Hungary)

Ms. Vivien Gyuris

Consultant - International Development (Hungary)

Ms. Anemarie CIUREA

Dep. Director Directorate for Water Management, Ministry of Environment and Water Management (Romania)

Jovan Miljkovic

FDI Advisor SIEPA - Serbia Investment and Export Promotion Agency (Serbia and Montenegro)

Zuzana Ruzicka

Permanent Representation of the Slovak Republic to the Europen Union (Slovak Republic)

Oleg Melanchuk

Senior Counsellor, Ministry for Catastrophe Management (Ukraine)

Olegsandr Bondar

Representative of Ukraine Ecological League (Ukraine)

Rudolf Schneeberger

Dipl. Ing. ETH - ITV geomatik AG. Company (Switzerland)

Jose Javier Paniagua Garcia

Principal Administrator - Relations with UN System, Member States and other OECD Donor, EC (The European Commission)

Franz Kaps

Senior Partnership Advisor and Special Representative (The World Bank)

Dr. Krisztina Kiss

Country Liaison Officer (UNDP)

Joergen Maersk Pedersen

Sub-Regional Representative (UN/FAO)

Bela Jarolics

Project Director (Hungary - IHLET)

Miklos Mariafoldy

Project Manager (Hungary - IHLET)